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Watch me make my Renaissance Tour Outfit

As many times, I want to stop and give up because I was stressed. The chains kept falling off, and I was getting tired. But, I had to see it through because I started the project. At the end, I made it work. The Renaissance outfit came together, and it looked great! Below watch how I was able to pull it all together.

Cowboy Hat DIY

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a white cowboy hat, two packs of 4mm black round glass beads, a pack of 4mm gold round glass beads, five packs of Silver, Square Rhinestones Stickers, and two rolls of 6″ Rhinestone Mesh Trim which cost me $40. I spray-painted it with Metallic Silver two times to cover the white. While the hat was drying, I went on Google Images for a bee picture, so I could put it in the front of the hat. I found a picture, printed it, cut it, and placed it in the front. I outlined the bee print with a fine black pen. I used the hot glue gun to add the black glass beads to outline the bee. Then, I used hot gun glue to add the black and gold glass beads to fill in the strips. The Rhinestone Mesh Trim in the bee’s wings. I used the Square Rhinestones Sticker to cover the hat.

Rhinestones Pants DIY

I bought a pair of black, ripped flare jeans from Fashion Nova. I bought 5 Rhinestone Single Row Trims from Hobby Lobby, and I measured the trims to 10 inches. I wanted the trims to be long, so they could hang. I used the ruler and yellow bobby pins to make sure the trims were aligned. Once I placed the trims on the pants, I squeezed gorilla glue on both of the trim ends. I put the gorilla glue on the trim ends maybe 10 times, so the trims don’t fall off the pants. I added Rhinestone Mesh Trim on the pants’ pockets, belt loops, and waist belt. After everything dried, I tried on the pants, and nothing fell off. Luckily, everything stayed in place. 

To complete my outfit, I bought a pair of silver heels from Amazon, and the Silver Leather Halter Top from Shein. Below is the my finished outfit.

Below watch my experience at the Renaissance

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