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The Annual Taste of Birmingham

Birmingham, Alabama

March 2023

Check out how I enjoyed myself at the Annual Taste of Birmingham.

This is the event was hosted at Avandale Brewing Company. It was $10 entry for adults. This event had food trucks, vendors, and boutiques. You can buy alcoholic beverages from Avondale Brewing Company. My friend and I went to two food trucks and two vendors.
Fat Charles BBQ: I had the OG Tacos, and my friend had the Shrimp Basket.
Lemonade Junkeez: I had the Peach Lemonade and my friend had the Blue Raspberry Lemonade.
Nana’s Sweet Spot: My friend had the Strawberry Cheesecake in a jar.
Pauline’s: I bought a cupcake container that had two Strawberry Lemonade and two Cinnamon cupcakes.

Overall, the event was nice. There were a lot of vendors and food trucks, so it was hard to pick which one to go lol. I liked it, and I’ll go next year.

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