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A Stop at Tepache: Taste of Mexico

New York City, New York

March 2024

During our layover, we went to Tepache: Taste of Mexico to eat before we went to Iceland. The food was great and fulfilling! An appetizer and a few chips would curb your appetite.

Below, watch twenty-three second recap video of our time at Tepache.

Our waiter was very attentive and made sure we were okay. We asked him what he preferred, and he gave us great suggestions.


Traditional House Margarita

I ordered a Strawberry and Peach Frozen Margarita. The drink’s presentation was colorful and fun, especially the gummy worm and the blue salt rim. The alcohol wasn’t overwhelming, and the flavors balanced it.


  1. Choriqueso ($12): This queso dip made with Oaxaca cheese, Jack cheese, chorizo, and Poblano Rajas. The queso is very cheesy and hot. When the dish becomes cold, it is hard to scoop the cheese. I suggest you quickly eat it before it gets cold.
  2.  Mini Chimichangas ($12): The waiter recommended this dish to me. The Chimichangas were filled with beef and topped with cheese and lime crema. They look tiny, but they would fill you up.
  3.  Sweet Corn Tamalitos ($12): This dish reminded me of sweet cornbread. The corn, lime crema, and queso fresco helped balance the sweetness of the corn tamalitos. This appetizer was my favorite, and I wished I ordered this first.
  4.  Pork Belly Bao Buns ($12): I ordered this dish because I love Bao Buns. The dish wasn’t spicy because the pickled vegetables balance the Sriracha aioli.

Overall, the appetizers were delicious. We didn’t need to buy the main course because we got full from eating the appetizers. I suggest going here because the staff was friendly and attentive. I give this restaurant a 8/10.

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