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How I Spent 13 hours in Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

June 2022

With a 13-hour layover in Helsinki, Finland, I thought, why not take the opportunity to explore.

I rode on the subway from the Helsinki Airport, and the subway system was very easy to follow. There was a screen that displays the when you will reach your destination. There are a lot of charging ports, so you will be able to charge your electronics. I do not have a lot of input on what to do because most of the stores were closed because it was Sunday. I was able to walk around and get on the trams around the city. I did go to a breakfast buffet and I went to a coffee shop. I saw was the historical building, Helsinki Cathedral. There was a marketplace if you want to buy souvenirs and food. Helsinki is a bit pricey. I didn’t feel uncomfortable or felt out of place, and people were friendly. If it wasn’t a Sunday, then I might be able to do more things.

Helsinki Airport

This is my favorite airport so far. The layout was very easy to follow, and the interior design was very nice. There was an convenience store for last minute buys. There were a lot of shopping stores and restaurants.

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