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Get Ready With Me For Iceland

This post is about me getting ready for Iceland. Click here to watch the video of me getting ready and read what I bought.

Please watch this two minute and sixteen seconds of me getting ready for Iceland.

North Georgia Premium Outlets

My mom and I went to North Georgia Premium Outlets in Dawsonville, Georgia to find outerwear for Iceland. The Premium Outlets are known to have sales and discounts, and the winter season was coming to an end, which means the stores are trying to get rid of them.

The first store we went was The North Face. I bought two waterproof pants and two sweaters. In total, it cost me $105.88. The second store we went was Columbia, and I bought two waterproof, insulated pants, a waterproof, insulated jacket, a warm hat, a pair of waterproof, insulated gloves, and two pairs of warm, fuzzy socks, which cost me $124.78. The last store we went was UGGs, and I bought a pair of waterproof boots, which cost me $130.96. Overall, I spent $361.62 for my four day trip in Iceland.


I went on Amazon and bought two sets of Long Johns, and a set cost $19.99. The Long Johns were very comfortable, light, and warm.

I bought the World Adapter when I was going to Greece. This Adapter has three different plugs, four USB-A charging ports, and one USB-C charging port. This is a great adapter to have for traveling internationally.

I brought two portables chargers just in case one portable charger ran out of fuel, and I have another in hand. The portable charger can charge my phone up to four hours.

I bought my backpack when I was going to Alaska, which is waterproof and light. The zipper is behind of the backpack, instead in the front to decrease the chances of people unzipping and stealing your belongings.

Icon Swim

I bought these swimsuits during a Black Friday Sale when they were $10.

Other Packing Tips

The first day in Iceland, the rain was pouring, and the wind was blowing. I used my umbrella to block the rain and wind. Unfortunately, my light, small umbrella broke from the strong winds. Thankfully, the rain ceased a few minutes later, so my friend and I weren’t soaked. On top of that, it didn’t rain throughout our time in Iceland. Make sure your umbrella is sturdy and not light.

Make sure to break in your boots before going on a walk or excursions.

To read about my trip in Iceland, please click on the link below.

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