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Exploring San Juan: A Solo Adventure

San Juan, Puerto Rico

June 2021

My first solo trip was at San Juan, Puerto Rico, which was a fun and eye-opening trip. Read more of my solo adventure and discover the experiences that made this journey unforgettable.

The Caribe Hilton San Juan Resort

I stayed at the Caribe Hilton Resort in the Wave Balcony Room. My favorite thing about the resort is going to the pool or beach to relax. Watching the sunset is the best part. Watch to see the tour.

Exploring Old San Juan

Alongside with the tour group, we explored various areas in San Juan as Harry shared his extensive knowledge of the city’s history. The insights into architecture and culture were interesting, making it a truly enriching learning experience. You can book this tour at

Castillo San Felipe del Morro

This expansive fortress required around 30-45 minutes to explore thoroughly. If you have an interest in history, this is a must-visit destination.

Old San Juan Restaurants


  • Chocobar Cortes, which is a restaurant that serves chocolate. You can buy chocolate pastries, chocolates, and coffee.
  • Kaffe
    • A local recommended I try San Juan iconic dish, the Mallorca. I went here and ordered the Mallorca chicken sandwich, which was sweet and delicious. When you go to San Juan, I recommend you try the Mallorca.

The Mezzanine

I ate their sweet and tangy meatballs while seated on the balcony, enjoying a view of the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan.

Treats and Sweets

  • Barrachina: The home of the Pinna Colada
    • I tried the Pina Colada, which was good.
  • Anita La Mamma del Gelato
    • It was hot in San Juan, so I went here to eat the gelato to cool off. I had two scoops, but I didn’t add any toppings. You do have an option to add any toppings of your desire.
  • Mr. Weenie Waffles
    • I am a waffle person, when I stumbled upon this restaurant, I had no option but to give it a try. I was able to tell them what kind of waffle and toppings I want. Even though it was a long wait, it was worth it.


Condado is a beachfront community. I walked along the Condado beach, and I ate at the Serafina.

El Yunque Rainforest

Exploring the El Yunque rainforest, the largest rainforest in North America, was a remarkable experience on this tour. Our guides led us through the rainforest, where we had the chance to swim in a river, climb, and even jump off cliffs. Following the adventure, we enjoyed a meal at a charming local restaurant. I had fun and made new friends on this tour.

To book this tour go to,

The Bistro

This is my favorite’s brunch spot in San Juan because the food and drinks were delicious. My favorite thing from the restaurant is the Mimosa Special because the popsicle made the mimosa taste better. The food was good and a big portion. For anyone considering a visit, I suggest arriving early.

San Juan Beach Restaurants

I went to the Wicked Lily and Numero Uno Beach House. The Wicked Lily is my favorite beach restaurant because it was very relaxing. The calamari tasted so good that I wanted more. The Numero Uno Beach is a good spot to watch the sunset.

8 thoughts on “Exploring San Juan: A Solo Adventure”

  1. This brings back great memories. We spent time in Condado Beach once, and otherwise have stayed in Fajardo. Exploring El Yunque and sailing around the islands near Fajardo were our favorites.

  2. Looks like an amazing first solo trip! I loved Puerto Rico but didn’t get to do most of the things you’ve mentioned so I guess I’ll have to go back!

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