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Escape to Nature: Alaskan Cruise Adventures

Alaska and Victoria, British Columbia

May 2022

Granting my mother’s long-held wish, we embarked on an Alaskan Cruise for Mother’s Day. This journey became an unforgettable adventure that I’ll cherish forever. Explore the remarkable experiences we had on the Alaskan Cruise.

Norwegian Encore Alaskan Cruise Tour

The Norwegian Encore has 18 decks with 16 dining, game room, race track, and a pool area. We stayed in the Suite Club Balcony Suite with the drink package, which cost approximately $1700-$1800 a person. The staff was nice and helpful.

The food was very good and tasty! So Far, Norwegian Encore is the best cruise food I have ever had! The food was fresh, and it was never stale. I enjoyed the food, so I give it a nine out of ten.

1st Port: Juneau, Alaska

We were there for approximately eight hours. I was told there are three ways to get to Juneau, which are from boat, plane, or being born there. Unfortunately, you cannot directly drive there. The city center has a few stores, restaurants, and excursion displays. There is a lift that can take you to the top of the mountain to overlook Juneau. I was told it is best to do it when there are fewer clouds, so you can get a good view. I didn’t feel any discomfort or awkwardness being there. The main thing we did in Juneau is to go to the Mendenhall Glacier.

We paid $48 for transportation and admission to go to The Mendenhall Glacier. The drive to Mendenhall was about 15 minutes. Once we got there, we walked so we can get a closer view of the glacier. There is a hiking trail that takes about 15-20 minutes to the big waterfall. The Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center has an exhibition, which shows the history of the glaciers. If you want to see the glacier, I recommend you see it in 10-20 years because it will be gone due to climate change. My tip: It can get cold if it is raining and/or windy, so make sure you wear or bring something warm.

2nd Port: Skagway, Alaska

We were there for approximately eleven hours. We went to Klondike Doughboy and tried their famous Fried Dough, which cost $7. The Fried Dough is covered in cinnamon sugar and it’s a very big size. I wasn’t able to eat the whole thing by myself, so I shared it with my mom and sister. We went to the Skagway Brewing Company. My sister had four flights of beer, my mom ordered a pretzel, and I drank the French Lemonade.

The excursion we did was the White Pass Scenic Railway, which cost $134 and was a three-hour. You can sit and look through the window or go outside to stand on the caboose. The train ride was great! If you are a nature person or like scenic views, then you will enjoy it! I recommend you bring a pair of binoculars to have a better view.

3rd Port: Ketchikan, Alaska

One of the ports was Ketchikan, Alaska. We were there for approximately five hours. Ketchikan is the city of Salmon. Unfortunately, we weren’t in Ketchikan for a long time. We did a city tour excursion, which cost $40. Our tour guide took us to different spots in the city. We learned the history of the totems and salmon. It wasn’t Salmon season, so there weren’t any salmon in sight. We were told Salmon season starts in June. I was sad that we didn’t stay in Ketchikan longer because the small town has a lot to show.

4th Port: Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve

The cruise took us to the Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve. Glacier Bay was the most beautiful view I have ever seen! The glaciers, the sky-blue water, the animals, and the snow. Everything was marvelous! If you want to see the glaciers, I recommend you go in 10-20 years before it melts.

5th Port: Victoria, British Columbia

I was on the Seven-Day Alaskan Norwegian Cruise in May. Victoria, British Columbia was the last port of the cruise. We were there for approximately three hours, and we arrived at 8:00 PM. Unfortunately, most of the stores were closed. My sister and I walked around Victoria and were sightseeing. We went to Chinatown, Herald Street Brew Works, Bastion Square, and Victoria Harbor. The places that were open were bars and brew parlors. My sister and I didn’t feel uncomfortable walking around in Victoria. I wished the cruise arrived early, so we would have been able to have a lot of things to do.

Alaskan Cruise Overview

Overall, I really enjoyed Norwegian Encore. We found some chairs or hung out in the observation deck to sight see to see the killer whales, otters, and sea lions. Seeing the beautiful Alaskan nature was very breath taking, and I am glad to experience this. I definitely recommend to go.

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