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Brunching in Huntsville

Huntsville, Alabama

September 2023

I visited Superhero Cafe and Rhythm on Monroe to experience their brunch.

Superhero Chefs

Rating 10/10

I love Superhero Cafe! The atmosphere, food, and people were great! I like some of the foods were named after the Comic characters. Also, we were watching Black Panther 2, while we waited and ate our food. Also, If you are a big Comic fan, then this is a place for you!

* Peach lemonade Mimosa
* Kiwi Mimosa
* The Hulk
* Wings & Waffles (Strawberry Waffle*)
* Salmon Omelet

Rhythm on Monroe

My best friend, brother, and I decided to check out the brunch at Rhythm on Monroe. The restaurant is situated in the Spring Park Area, which also features an art museum, various other restaurants, and an arena. I enjoyed the ambiance, and our waiter was very friendly.

This was what we ordered:

* Eggs Bennie & The Jets
* Short Rib Sliders

We enjoyed our meals, and it filled us up before we went to the Wine Festival. I recommend going here for brunch.

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