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Brock’s Gap Farmer’s Market

Birmingham, Alabama

March 2023

I visited a new farmer’s market, so take a look at what I purchased.

I checked out a new Farmer’s Market in Hoover, AL. This Farmer’s Market is small, but it isn’t crowded.
I had a Brown Sugar & White Mocha Iced Coffee from Lefluer Coffee. The coffee was VERY good! The coffee gave me some energy.
I bought dog treats from The Blind Dog Biscuit because we ran out.
I bought Peach Cobbler Cheesecake from Aroma’s From Home, and it was DELICIOUS! I am still thinking of that cheesecake.
I bought BBQ sauce from Willie Fred’s. They gave me a sample to try, and it was sweet and tangy.
For more information on the vendors, go to

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