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The Third Annual Taco and Tequila Bar Crawl

Birmingham, Alabama

May 4, 2024

My friends and I went to the Taco and Tequila Bar Crawl to celebrate the Cinco De Mayo weekend. We bought the VIP Crawl Ticket, which includes a T-shirt, a lanyard with four tabs, and an early entry. The ticket costed $39.58, which includes tax. A tab equals a taco or a drink. On the lanyard, there is a barcode. The barcode shows the eight participating restaurants on what they were serving and the deals. Throughout this post, I will show you each stop my friends and I went. 

Tin Roof

I met my friends at the Tin Roof, which was where we checked in and received our t-shirts and lanyards. My friends had their drinks, then I went to the bar to order a special margarita. I didn’t use my tabs because I had my eyes on a few things. After I drank my special margarita, we went to The Mayor Bar.

The Mayor Bar

When we walked in, we secured a table, and I waited in line for 15 minutes to get a free Korean Beef Taco. When I reached the cashier, I gave my tab for the free Korean Beef Taco, and I ordered a Chicken Lettuce Wrap. The Korean Beef taco had Sesame Chili Slaw with Spicy Mayo Sauce. The Spicy Mayo Sauce wasn’t too spicy, and it balances the Sesame Chili Slaw. 

The Side Bar

I had my eye on the Tequila Lemon Drop shot, and I was very excited to give the barista my tab. But there was a catch, I had to buy a drink to get the Tequila Lemon Drop shot, so I bought a Tequila Sunrise. The Tequila Sunrise was a bit strong, but I finished it because I didn’t want to waste money. The Tequila Lemon Drop was DELICIOUS because it was sweet and not strong. I wanted another, but I didn’t want to buy another drink.  

Moe’s Original BBQ

I exchanged my tab for the Pork Taco. The Pork taco had pico, cheese, lettuce, and sour cream. The taco was okay because it was simple. It wasn’t like the Korean Beef Taco, which stood out with the spices and toppings. Meanwhile, the Pork taco was just a pork taco.

Denim on 7th

This was our last stop of the Bar Crawl. We used our last tab for a tequila shot. The tequila shot we were given had at least two shots in the cup. I was glad we ended our bar crawl at Denim because we were tipsy.

I enjoyed the Taco and Tequila Bar Crawl, and we had a great time! My favorite taco was the Korean Beef Taco, and my favorite drink was the Tequila Lemon Drop shot. The one thing I didn’t like was I had to buy a drink for the shot. Hopefully, I will be able to go next year. 

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