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The Big Apple: Solo Travel in NYC

New York City, New York

June 2022

I spent a day and a half in New York City. Discover what I experienced in the Big Apple.

Read below on how I spent a day in New York City.

The Edge

I like when I got on the elevator it shows how New York City evolved over time. When I got off the elevator, I went to the Edge, and the views were amazing. The Edge has a bar and rooms for you to walk around.


The Blue Dog

It took me a while to find the restaurant because it is in the cut. Once I found the restaurant, I was sent to my table. The restaurant is a bit small, but the service was great. I ordered the Flower Bomb and Chicken N’ Waffles. The syrup has jalapeño flavor, so be prepared for a spicy kick.

The Queensyard

This is my least favorite restaurant. The restaurant looks cute and aesthetically pleasing, but the food was okay. I don’t recommend going there.

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