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It’s All a Blur: Drake & J. Cole

Nashville, Tennessee

February 2024

This was my second Drake concert, but it features J. Cole and Lil Durk. Click to watch my experience at the Bridgestone Arena.


Scroll down to see parts of the concert.

Lil Durk Performance

Lil Durk performed AHHH HA!

The Opening

The band performed Trophies before Drake hit the stage.

Drake’s Opening

Drake performed Virginia Beach, Marvin’s Room, Teenage Fever, Feel No Ways, and Jungle.

Drake’s Act II

Drake hits the main stage.

Drake x Lil Durk Performance

Drake and Lil Durk performed Laugh Now Cry Later.

J. Cole Performance

J. Cole arrived at the Bridgestone Arena.

J. Cole performed Middle Child, Wet Dreamz, A Tale of Two Cities.

J. Cole performed G.O.M.D., Power Trip, and London.

J. Cole performed A Lot and Love Yourz.

J. Cole performed No Role Modelz.

Drake X J. Cole Performance

Drake and J Cole performed a bit of In The Morning and First Person Shooter.

Drake’s Act III

Drake Performed Rich Flex.
Drake performed IDGAF.
Drake closed his concert with You Broke My Heart.

A fan gets slimed after Drake performed his song Slime You Out.

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