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Celebrating Sister’s Graduation in Cabarete

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

May 2019

We dedicated a week to celebrate my sister’s graduation in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Presidential Suites Cabarete

We stayed at the Presidential Suites, which is owned by Lifestyle Holidays. There are two sections of the resort. One section is located by the beach, which has the restaurants, front desk, and other rooms. They have two restaurants, which were Italian and a buffet. Every morning, we would go to the buffet for their breakfast, which serves waffles, pancakes, eggs, omelets, pastries, fruits, and jams. I like their breakfast because they are fresh, and I loved their authentic jams. Every evening, we would go to their Italian restaurant, which is located at the top of the resort. There is a pool located by the beach, so we can swim and get a good view of the Cabarete Beach. We can get off the resort and walk on the beach. They have a nightclub by the W, and this is where people come to dance and have a good time.

We stayed the section that is across the street, which is most of the rooms. Our section of the resort has a pool, a snack bar, and plenty of lounge chairs. The snack bar would served hotdogs, French fries, tacos, and drinks.

The Things We Did

We booked an excursion on the streets of Cabarete. This excursion includes, ATV riding and ziplining. They drove us to the countryside of the Dominican Republic, which was beautiful. Once we arrived, we rode on the ATVs. We rode on the dirt roads, and enjoyed the countryside views. We made a stop at the local woman’s house, and this is where we drank authentic Dominican Republic coffee. The coffee was very good, but the woman wouldn’t tell us her recipe. After we rode the ATVs, we ziplined over the ocean. My favorite spot is the Sosua beach because the beach has it’s own area. The scenery was beautiful. My brother and sister were on the paddle boat. I was on the beach looking at the views. They served food, so we ate lunch.

Puerto Plata

We went to Puerto Plata and relaxed by the beach.

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