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Captivating Islands: Embark on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise Adventure

December 2023

The yearly family excursion set sail on a Caribbean Cruise to Turk and Caicos, Puerto Rico, and St. Thomas.

Holland New Statendam Cruise

The Nieuw Statendam has 14 decks, which includes five bars, three lounges, a tasting room, a world stage, a kids club, few stores, a photo shop, a fitness center, a spa, an art studio, a library, a casino, and 12 restaurants.
There are five specialty restaurants, which are Canaletto, Nani Sushi, Tamarind, The Pinnacle Grill, and Rudi’s Sel de Mer. These restaurants aren’t free. Also, the Gelato isn’t free.
The Club Orange Dining Room is for Club Orange Members. It is not open for the general public.
There are two pools, which are located on Deck 9. The pools have hot tubs beside them. In the Pool & Bar area, a TV is located, so you can watch football or basketball games.
The cabins and suites are located on Decks 1,6-8, 10, and 11. My siblings and I stayed in the Family Oceanview Cabin, and my parents stayed in the Balcony Cabin.

There were some days when the meals were good, but not all the time.
The best food I had on this cruise was at The Pinnacle and The Dive-In.

We ate at two specialty restaurants, which were The Pinnacle and Rudi’s Sel de Mar. The Pinnacle was my favorite restaurant because the Caesar salad was very good. I like they added a poached egg to make the salad dressing more creamy. For my entree, I had steak with two sides, which were a huge portion. I wasn’t able to finish my entree. The dessert was hot, and the white cream made my chocolate souffle be smooth. They gave us a complimentary candy and chocolates.

Rudi’s Sel de Mar

Rudi’s Sel de Mar gave us A LOT OF FOOD! First, they served us with bread and different types of spreads. I had the Calamari and Foie Gras De Canard Au Cassis. This was my first time trying The Foie Gras, and it was quite salty. I wasn’t a big fan. We had complimentary chocolate covered strawberries. My entree was the Coq Au Vin, which was a big dish. The dish was good especially the chicken. I tried three desserts, which were the Apple Tarte Tatin, Crêpes Suzette, and Profiteroles. My favorite dessert was the Profiteroles. The Apple Tatre Tatin and Crepes were very tart.

Port 1: Grand Turks, Turk and Caicos

This was Holland’s New Statham first port stop. Visiting Grand Turk was an experience. I was able to see the Turk and Caicos clear blue water, which is checked off of from my Bucket List.

Port 2: San Juan, Puerto Rico

This was Holland’s New Statham second port stop. This is my second time visiting San Juan. We visited Condado, Old San Juan, Castillo San Felipe del Morro, and the Capital. It was great seeing the colorful buildings and the blue stone street. If you want to see what I did in San Juan, go to.

Port 3: St. Thomas

St. Thomas is a good place for good vibes and relaxation. The island was beautiful with a relaxing beach and friendly people. We went to the Famous Banana Daiquiri, and my sister tried the Banana Daiquiri. She said it was good. I’ll go back and hopefully island hop to St. John and St. Croix.

Overall, I liked the ship, but it is not my favorite. There were a lot of passengers that were in scooters and wheelchairs, so they were in the way in the aisles and the eating area. There were things to do that were entertaining and kept us occupied. The cruise members and passengers were friendly. Unfortunately, we didn’t go to the Bahamas port due to bad weather. My family and I didn’t run into any hiccups. I wish the food was better, which would make my cruise experience better. I don’t think I will go back to Holland Cruise.

Rating: 7.5/10

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