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Birthday Bliss in Santorini

Santorini, Greece

June 2022

My friend and I traveled to Santorini to celebrate my birthday. Santorini, Greece, is an exquisite island, boasting an abundance of attractions and activities. I’ll detail the places we visited and share some helpful tip.

Below read what we did in each city in Santorini. The section I didn’t go into was Akrotiri. This is the smallest village we went to, and this is where the red sand beach is located. But, if you go around the village, you get a scenic view of the sunset and the island.


This is the place to see the famous sunset in Santorini. Also, this is where we took our flying dress photoshoot. It is best to get your pictures taken early, so you can get good sunlight and fewer crowds. Later in the day, we came back to explore Oia, which has a lot of stores and restaurants.


This is a restaurant where you can see the sunset without the crowds. We ordered the Sunset Rooftop Restaurant, Summer Memories, Fera wrapped in Filo, Chicken Risotto, Grilled Lamp Chops, and Chocolate Lava Cake. I recommend getting reservations because it can get booked up pretty quickly.

Solo Gelato

Also, I went to Solo Gelato, which serves authentic, homemade frozen Greek yogurt, and you can put whatever toppings you desire.


This is my favorite place in Santorini, and one of the black sand beaches. This is the busiest beach because there were a lot of stores and restaurants. What I like about Kamari is when we arrived, everybody was nice and friendly! The vibes were immaculate!

Greek Night Experience

We went to Dimitiris Taverna, where we experienced Greek Night. There was food, we were dancing, and we broke plates to say OPA!

Click on the link for more information:


This is another black sand beach in Santorini, and it is less congested than Kamari. If you don’t like a lot of congestion and want more space, then this is the beach for you.


We ate on the beach, and it was quite relaxing. We ordered the Calamari, Caccio E Pepe, and Smyrna Pizza. That Calamari was the most delicious I’ve ever tasted, and I wish I could have more. The pizza was good, and I have no complaints.

Wet Stories

I visited this place for brunch, and the atmosphere exuded tropical and relaxing vibes. I ordered the Avocado Toast with a side of potatoes and eggs.


The capital of Santorini! I recommend you wear COMFORTABLE shoes because there are A LOT of steps. This is a major shopping center. Also, it is a maze, so if you take a lot of turns, then you can get easily lost. The hotels were located kind of at the bottom. I ate at Zafora, this is a good restaurant if you want a good view. Also, I had Gelato at Assyrtico. Assyrtico has a nice shaded seating area.


This restaurant is situated near the mountain’s edge, offering breathtaking ocean views. I ordered the Daiquiri, Cheese Croquettes, and Pastitsio.


This a Gelato restaurant offers a nice shaded seating area.


This is located in the center of Santorini. Our Airbnb was located at the top, so we were able to get the best views of the island. There are a lot of local restaurants.


This is my favorite restaurant in Santorini. My friend and I ate there twice because the food is amazing. We had the Pork ribs with BBQ sauce with a side of baked pita bread and fries, Carbonara, complimentary dessert, and weekday special meal.

Cava Alta

This rooftop restaurant provides a view of Pyrgos. I ordered the Chicken Mastihato, and it was an unique cuisine.

The Bakery of Pygros

I went here and ordered the Baklava and Kadaif. This was my first time trying these pastries, and they were delicious.


This is the smallest village we went to, and this is where the red sand beach is located. But, if you go around the village, you get a scenic view of the sunset and the island.


Santos Winery

This winery has a view of the ocean and the volcanic island. I did a tasting of six flights of wine and food for $40.

The wine museum is located in an underground cave, and at the end of the tour there is a wine tasting. I bought the Bronze Package, which includes four wine flights and a tape recorder tour. I really like the museum because you learned how they were able to harvest wine and how they advanced with harvesting. Before we left, we went to the vineyard and spotted a few grapes that were growing on the ground.

Catamaran Cruise

We did the Catamaran Cruise, which was a six-hour excursion. We stopped at different beaches, hot springs, and sailed down the island. Also, we learned the history of Santorini and the Volcanos. Also, they served authentic food on the Catamaran Cruise.

Click here to book the Catamaran Cruise:

Labyrinth Traditional Houses

We stayed at a traditional cave house Santorini, Greece. The hosts were great and very helpful. There were plenty of restaurants and shops nearby. We had free, delicious breakfast and great views of Santorini.

For the Airbnb link, please click here:


If you are planning to go to Santorini during the summertime, I suggest you stay HYDRATED!!! The sun almost took me out two times. We bought a case of six 1.5 Liter of water bottles, which cost us $5. Please stay hydrated. Wear COMFORTABLE shoes! You will be walking A LOT, and there are A LOT of steps! If you are planning to stay in Santorini for more than two days, rent a car or ATV. My friend and I regretted not renting a car or ATV sooner. We rented an ATV for a day, so we were able to explore Santorini.

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