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Annual Family Vacation in Orlando

Orlando, Florida

December 2021

This year, my family and I went to Orlando, Florida for our annual family vacation. Click here to see what we did in Orlando.

A Day in Magic Kingdom

Our visit to Magic Kingdom was truly magical as we got to experience Disney’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

Café Tu Tu Tango

This is a Tapas restaurant, which means you will have small plates! We ordered the Ceviche Mixto, Moroccan Lamb Meatballs, Smoked Thai Spare Ribs, Cajun Chicken Egg Rolls, Pepperoni Pizza, Sausage & Peppers Pizza, and Grilled Fish Tacos. They were very delicious. You can walk around the restaurant to look at the art, and there’s live entertainment.

Lost Caverns Adventure Golf

My sister found this Mini Golf Course on Groupon. There are two different courses, the Diamond Course and the Gold Course, and they have different scavenger hunts. We chose the Diamond Course. The course was fun and a bit challenging. At the end, I won! If you find all of the hidden items for the scavenger hunt, then they will give you a scratch-off prize. You can feed the alligators at the end.

Other Things We Did in Orlando

Below is the list of the other things we did in Orlando.

  • We ate at the Yard House.
  • We went to the Dazzling Lights, which is a Christmas event located at the Leu Gardens. The ticket cost $22 per adult. We walked through the garden and look at the lights and took pictures.
  • We ate a Korean Barbecue Restaurant, which was my first time going.
  • Magnolia Spa: The spa is located at the Green Springs. We bought a spa package, which includes a Full Body Massage, a Facial, and a Foot Massage, and it cost $125. The staff was great, and we had a great time.
  • Disney Springs, which is a shopping center that is located in Walt Disney World.

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