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Bombshell Travels



I am a military brat, my father retired from the Air Force after serving over 25 years. We averaged about 2 to 2 years in one location before the military was packing us up to another journey. My parents were fortunate enough to give me opportunities to visit other places. I realized from these adventures that I wanted to travel the world. By age 10, our travels had taken me on a cruise to Cozumel, Denali National Park, Grand Canyon, Disneyworld, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Las Vegas, and the Hoover Dam. By age 21, I had traveled to Pigeon Forge, Nassau, Bahamas, Virginia Beach, and Hershey Park. These opportunities allowed me to want to broaden my horizons and continue to travel. As a young adult, I want to experience other cultures and visit other countries. I did some research, and it led me to take a class on how to Travel Solo with Ebony. She taught me how to do research on my trips, how to travel safely, finance my trips, and how to capture videos and pictures. This led me to create my vlog to show people my travel journeys and what is out there in this world.