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A Brief Pause in Seattle

Seattle, Washington

May 2022

Upon our arrival in Seattle, Washington for the Alaskan Cruise, we ate at the Andare Kitchen & Bar.

After a long day from traveling and calling Delta regarding my missing luggage. We went to Andare since it was around the block from our hotel. I ordered the Andare Signature Spicy Meatballs, Spaghetti Carbonara, and Limoncello Martini. While the Signature Meatballs didn’t turn out to be very spicy, they became my favorite dish. The Spaghetti Carbonara was decent. Overall, Andare is a suitable spot for travelers staying in downtown Seattle.

Unfortunately, my mom, sister, and I missed the chance to explore Seattle as my suitcase didn’t arrive on time. I look forward to returning and discovering what Seattle has to offer.

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